12 March 2013

It is beautiful here this morning. Pretty and spring like. Not a visual really, more of a feeling. The cool of the air, the dampness, the twitter of the birds outside. Earlier before the cars started driving around, it was beautiful.

It rained all night, and the ground is soggy. I've half a mind to dig in the garden but there are twenty other things that take priority today.

I really want breakfast.

Thought of the day: You never know the day, nor the hour, you may as well clean your house. 

05 March 2013

Updating on the fifth of March.

Not my photo, but gosh aren't they cute? 

The last year of my life has been fraught with many shifts and changes.
Some of which I have handled gracefully. Some of which I have not.
I am very very glad to have survived this last year.

With the coming of spring, love has returned to my world, I am more than pleased to announce that I made it out of the darkness of this last year and am progressing into happier and more positive times.

Thank you. For your patience, for your kindness, for your allowing me to be myself.
I am grateful.


All of that said, I am in the process of becoming a larger online character. I've created a Tweeting enterprise.  My blog has been started up again.
It's limited, but there will be structure with that.

I have a desire to have a very specific url. It's currently for auction. If you'd like to help me with that, I'd appreciate.

In other news, I discovered this.
Painos, Sharks and Nazi's by James Rhodes. TedxOxford

24 February 2013

Starting Over

Rarely are there moments in life when one gets to start anew. 
I have discovered that they happen only when you create them to be.
This is a moment like that for me. Away with the old, a new visage emerges. It resembles the former, but is made of different stuff.